In a Nutshell...
Enrique is a seasoned Digital Marketing and eCommerce Director with 10+ years of experience in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. With a strong and well-balanced background working in corporate, agency, and startup settings, Enrique focuses on creating revenue-growth media strategies and can skillfully manage multi-million omni-channel campaigns and cross-functional teams, such as: analytics, mobile/product, creative, CRM, customer service, and external agencies.
Career Highlights
Outlook Amusements Inc. | 2016-2020:
OA Inc. specializes in incubating, scaling, and managing a portfolio of highly successful brands and mobile apps within the self-help, meditation, entertainment, and lifestyle categories.
Led the efficient and scalable growth of all customer acquisition and revenue-driving media efforts for a portfolio of highly successful mobile apps and eCommerce sites that generated a total of $75+ Million dollars in revenue per year.
Major achievements include:
Grew size and scope of Acquisition Team: Led the growth of a stellar Acquisition team, while onboarding two media agencies and efficiently increasing the Acquisition team’s media budgets from $12M to $23M over a 3yr period.
Increased App downloads & subscriptions by double-digits YoY: Expanded into new media channels, new audiences, and deployed in-app event triggers to deepen analytical analysis and optimize mobile app sales funnels.
Generated triple-digit increases in revenue and LTV YoY, through a “Market Share Geo-Conquest” Media Strategy: Built a strategic framework that analyzed 50+ data points for more than 200 cities in the US and ranked which metros had the highest likelihood for conversion and profitability. Top-ranked cities were then saturated with high-frequency ad campaigns leveraging mobile, online & offline media channels with the goal of aggressively capturing market share. If campaigns became efficient, we would stop saturating that City and move on to the next one on our list.
Reduced acquisition costs by double digits YoY: By implementing new reporting dashboards, audience segments, offer strategies, A/B testing,  in-app event optimizations, weekly ‘performance pacing’ audits, and creative revamps. 
Responsibly managed: Multi-million monthly media budgets, yearly acquisition performance forecasts, and quarterly re-forecasts, for all national and international media campaigns across all channels: Mobile Apps, TV, Social Media, Programmatic, Video, Display, Affiliates, Search Engine Marketing, Radio, Outdoor, and Email LeadGen campaigns.
The Gerson Lehrman Group | 2014-2016
GLG is one of the world’s largest business consulting firms, allowing businesses to quickly on-board highly specialized consultants in a structured and transparent manner through its industry-leading compliance framework.
As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Enrique collaborated with fortune 500 companies and startups alike, leading the development of performance-based marketing projects that focused on user acquisition, media strategy, app development, and e-commerce.
Major achievements include:
Developed new revenue streams for GE/Mac, an environmental startup with operations in the US and LATAM: Oversaw the development of a custom digital platform for inventory-management that was then pitched to Walmart and Costco. This pitch resulted in a seven-figure, multi-year contract for GE/Mac from software licensing fees alone.
Planned and implemented a robust brand strategy & yearly sales/marketing plan for Icon Media Direct: Deployed Salesforce CRM with a $5M sales pipeline driven by 500+ highly-targeted leads. Implemented a comprehensive PR strategy consisting of: B2B event sponsorships, Industry award submissions, executive interviews, speaking engagements.
Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas | 2011-2014: 
Cinepolis, the 4th largest cinema chain in the world, expanded its footprint into the US Market in 2011 with its exclusive “Luxury Cinema” concept, offering guests reserved premium seating, in-theater dining, cocktails, and exceptional venues.
Major achievements include:
Pitched, strategized and oversaw the development of an eCommerce-enabled website and mobile apps for all US-based cinemas. As a result: Online sales shifted from 20% to 70% in 6 months, increasing yearly revenue by 4% from online purchase fees alone. Digital media ROI also saw an increase of 172% YoY as a result of giving customers the option of buying tickets online.
Strategized and implemented initiatives for digital customer acquisition, media plans, and sales funnel optimization: Managed all social media channels, brand sentiment monitoring, analytics, and marketing reporting dashboards. Planned all grand openings for new cinemas, major studio events, sponsorships, and brand partnerships.