In a Nutshell...
Enrique is a seasoned eCommerce and Digital Marketing executive with 10+ years of experience in the entertainment & lifestyle industries. He leverages a well-balanced professional background (corporate, agency, startups) to create aggressive revenue-growth strategies for multi-million dollar brands.
Enrique relentlessly looks for ways to maximize his team’s performance by enabling and optimizing collaboration in cross-functional environments: data/analytics, market research, web development, creative, CRM, mobile/product, customer service, external agencies, etc.
Career Highlights
DvG Investments LLC | 2019-Current:
Senior Partner and board-member for seed-investment fund focused on developing, acquiring, and growing eCommerce-driven brands. Lead Counselor on all Marketing, Branding, Analytics, Product Development and Business-Growth initiatives.
Outlook Amusements Inc. | 2016-2020:
OA Inc. specializes in incubating, scaling, and managing a portfolio of highly successful brands and mobile apps within the self-help, meditation, entertainment, and lifestyle categories.
Enrique led the efficient and scalable growth of all customer acquisition and revenue-driving media efforts for a portfolio of highly successful mobile apps and eCommerce brands.
The Gerson Lehrman Group | 2014-2016
GLG is one of the world’s largest business consulting firms, allowing businesses to quickly on-board highly specialized consultants in a structured and transparent manner through its industry-leading compliance framework.
As a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Enrique collaborated with fortune 500 companies and startups alike, leading the development of performance-based marketing projects that focused on user acquisition, media strategy, app development, and e-commerce.
Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas | 2011-2014: 
Cinepolis, the 4th largest cinema chain in the world, expanded its footprint into the US Market in 2011 with its exclusive “Luxury Cinema” concept, offering guests reserved premium seating, in-theater dining, cocktails, and exceptional venues.
Major achievements include:
Pitched, strategized and oversaw the development of an eCommerce-enabled website and mobile apps for all US-based cinemas. As a result: Online sales shifted from 20% to 70% in 6 months, increasing yearly revenue by 4% from online purchase fees alone. Digital media ROI also saw an increase of 172% YoY as a result of giving customers the option of buying tickets online.
Strategized and implemented initiatives for digital customer acquisition, media plans, and sales funnel optimization: Managed all social media channels, brand sentiment monitoring, analytics, and marketing reporting dashboards. Planned all grand openings for new cinemas, major studio events, sponsorships, and brand partnerships.